Freestanding Coyote Hostage

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This 3/8" AR500 Howling Coyote Hostage portable system stands on its own. Stands roughly 18x33 with leg brackets on. Will come with Crescent moon shaped paddle out of 3/8" AR500

Made of 3/8" Ar500, it is portable and very durable. The leg brackets are made from 1/4" AR500. The target height can be extended using pipes with a 3/4" diameter.

Targets will come unpainted.

Product Information

Manufactured from new high quality AR500 steel plate made in the USA

Target are not painted. They will be in raw steel form. They're getting shot anyways so why waste your time paying for paint!!

Precision cut with a CNC High definition plasma cutter and submerged watercooled during the cutting process. There is absolutely no difference in HAZ between this process and laser.


-Recommended shooter and spectators wear proper eye and hearing protection.

-Minimum distances from steel targets to shooter are 10 yards for pistols and 75 yards for rifles


Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use and misuse of the targets purchased.