Sighting Target

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Available in both Mil and Moa.

The Mil version is 14.4 in in diameter and has holes 3.6 inches apart and 3.6 in from the edge. At 100 m it is 4 Mil wide with holes 1 mil apart.

The Moa version is 12 in in diameter and has holes 2 inches apart. Each row is offset 1 in. This allows you to very quickly make adjustments and Corrections for your shots.

These targets have two half inch Carriage bolt holes at the top and a slit in the center that fits on a majority of all T post and 2x4 hangers on the market from various companies. When hung using the center hole it does not allow much lateral movement so you don't have to worry about the target stabilizing before you can make your Corrections.

These targets are available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" AR500